Bottle Service / LOUNGE / Experience

WE ARE A full service LOUNGE.  Not a nightclub.

Door (Manager, security, servers, FLOORBACK)

  • Sell bottle service!
  • Host greets customer "Hi! Are you here for bottle service?" (show menu)
    • Customer answer
      • No
        • Host: "Okay enjoy yourself"
      • Yes but joining a table
        • Host: tell them kindly to step aside and text the table holder to come to the door as they have your VIP band.
      • Yes It's my reservation.
        • Host: Give them wristbands, hold the door and walk them to table and request ID and Credit Card to have on file. Take a picture and email to

Floor (Manager, servers, Floorback)

  • Sell champagne! (show menu)
  • Confirming - To customer "Wristbands will be waiting for you at the door for you to distribute to your guests. There is also a $100 reservation fee, held by credit card, in the event the reservation is forfeited (no-show). I can waive that fee for you upon arrival though, as a thank you for sharing your evening with us! (Add CC to google sheet)
  • Day of tasks: (Listed first on the schedule)
    • Bring up Cannons, Cut fruit, Fill carafes, Load bus tub with bottles for reservations, contact all for last minute add ons, stuff envelope, prepare the layout based on 'google sheet',  Set up tables with: Bus tub with towel under the table, Ice bucket - empty, Napkin caddy with ice scoop, Small and large plastic cups
  • Early in night: All servers to remain at the door until first table arrives. Have menu on you at all times, 
  • Cancellations: To customer: "We kindly ask that all cancellations and/or changes to any reservation be made in advance, but no later than 24 hours of the scheduled service. All reservations will require a credit card to book your $100 nonrefundable booking fee. No shows will be charged $100."

Presentation(Manager, Sax, DJ, servers, FLOORBACK)

  • All bottles going out get sparklers
  • Siren to sound every-time a bottle is brought out

  • ALL champagne (Not Chandon) requires girls on shoulders and Johanna provided POS

  • All champagne (Not Chandon) and packages on menu get 1 confetti cannon pop.
  • Sax player to stand on table and play sax when bottle comes out

  • Siren to sound every-time a bottle is brought out

Atmosphere (Manager, Sax, DJ, servers)


  • Build into high energy - Bangers! Versatility in playing EDM, Trap, Dance, Hip Hop, and 90s/2000s but all high energy remixes at peak of the night

  • Sax player to work the crowd all night

  • Sax player to get on the bar 2x (1230, 115)

  • 1230AM turn off all lights after sax player finish and use house animated lights

  • 115AM to play all of the lights and have house lights go crazy while 3 servers/bartenders to stand on bar pop confetti at drop.


  • Must have flashlight to check Dress Code.
  • Warm welcome to regulars
  • Must have lounge side wristbands to get in lounge section after 11PM
  • Let good looking WOMEN into lounge if they don't have a wristband. 
  • Door Security to set up rope line to avoid crowding at the door.