It's quite simple, actually.

We are a group of friends who have a passion for delivering an experience that leaves you believing you went on vacation. We focus on you, our customers. 

The friends...

JD is a staple in Rochester's hospitality industry. His vision to create beautiful spaces is second to none. He owns/has owned bars & restaurants such as Magpie, Half Pint, Victoire, JD Oxfords, Murphy's Law, Stout, Lola, Karma, Barfly, and more.

JG has always had a passion for service and providing a unique experience. Welcome Brass.

Louie has always had a passion for energy and excitement with respect to the hospitality space. He has consulted for 25 local bars and restaurants such as Tony D's, City Grill, Hooligans, and more. He has now begun his own journey in the space with Brass.


We love hospitality.