Prohibition with a modern infusion

 Are you or your friend celebrating a birthday soon in Rochester?

Join 1000’s of others who have experienced Brass on their birthday celebration.

The experience at Brass is second to none in Rochester. Whether it is the great DJs, the ridiculously talented Danny Win or the staff, you feel like you are instantly transported to one of my favorite boutique spots in Toronto, Montreal, NYC or Florida.
— Bulent T.

Suggested package for 10 people

“It’s My Birthday!”

2 - Belvedere (Vodka)
2 - Veuve Yellow Label (Vodka)

Without a doubt the most fun and most unique experience!! They make you feel special and go above and beyond!
— Valerie J.

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The music and atmosphere is unlike anything else in Rochester. The service was excellent and their sax player killed it.
— Bryan H.

Is your birthday this Saturday?


Suggested package for 5 people or less


1 - Belvedere (Vodka)
2 - Palmer & Co (Champage)




I LOVE brass and their amazing staff! Whether it’s getting spoiled with bottle service, or hanging out at the bar it’s always full of energy and fun!
So fun and such a nice place. I loved it. I had a blast!
My favorite spot in Rochester, hands down. The customer service here is like no other.
— Michael G.
Great sophisticated atmosphere with a very cool vibe!
— John M.
Amazing service, music and people! Brass is definitely the best bar around!
— Andrea S.