You are welcome to join us at the bar but are not permitted into the lounge without Bottle Service.

Bottle Service & Lounge Policy

  1. We will not issue additional lounge wristbands after initial headcount is given. A new table must be purchased in the event that the party size increases.

  2. Minimum Spend Requirement: (Excluding Holidays or Special Events)
    • 1-5 people requires $250 spend (High - Tops only)
    • 6-10 requires $500 spend (Large Tables)
    • 11-15 requires $750 spend (Large Tables)
    • 16-20 requires a $1000 spend (Large Tables)
  3. Locker Owners:
    • You will receive locker owner pricing. You will still need to meet minimum spend.
    • At the end of the night you are allowed to store your liquor in your private locker.
    • In the event of a new reservation your minimum spend still must be met.
  4. All orders by any guests in lounge section are ultimately the responsibility of the Person in Charge of the reservation of said section.
  5. A credit card and photo Identification is required in advance to be seated and will require a pre-authorization.
  6. If your group fails to arrive before midnight, your reservation is subject to forfeit.
  7. A 20% service fee and 8% tax will be added to the total bill for service in addition to the minimum spend.
  8. A $100 or 20% cleaning fee will be added for champagne spraying. It is not tolerated.
  9. In the event of a card declined or chargebacks after pre-authorization legal action will be taken